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Student Reports

Click here to access individual student reports. You will be directed to a password-protected Dropbox folder containing all available student reports.

Note that reports use the naming convention "lastname_firstname_studentID_testdate."

Aggregate Reports

Fall 2022 ISSAQ Summary Reports (password protected)

Creighton ISSAQ Summary Report (PDF)

This report provides an in-depth description of the Summer/Fall 2022 data collection, including overall scores, subgroup breakdowns, and recommendations for next steps.  Published 01/09/2023

Creighton ISSAQ Summary Overview (PPT)

This short PPT outlines the major findings from the Summary Report. Published 01/09/2023

Creighton ISSAQ Item Report (PDF)

The Item Report provides the response frequency to each item, showing the student voice behind the ISSAQ factor scores. Published 01/09/2023

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