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What is ISSAQ? Part 2: The Questionnaire

In some ways, the work of ISSAQ begins with the questionnaire. This is the source of the data that can help change the lives of students, the work of our colleges and universities, and - ultimately - student success.

How long is ISSAQ?

The questionnaire is comprised of more than 100 questions. While this sounds like a lot, the items are short, simple, self-report items to which students can respond quickly. For most students, the entire assessment process takes about 15 minutes.

How is ISSAQ administered?

ISSAQ is administered in a fully web-based platform provided by Resonant Education. Students can complete the assessment anywhere, using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or even a smartphone (though smartphones should be considered as a last resort for administration, to encourage greater student attention to the assessment). 

For additional information about Resonant Education's privacy policy, data security, and terms of use, see the links below.

Is the ISSAQ Questionnaire Accessible for students with disabilities?

Yes. Additional details about accessibility can be found below:

  • Resonant Education Accessibility

Learn more about ISSAQ:

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